Agroecology Research Group

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Land Use


The Agroecology research group at Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Estonian University of Life Sciences has an extensive expertise in the realm of agricultural biodiversity research.

With a rich and extensive expertise spanning various dimensions of agricultural ecosystems, from controlled laboratory experiments to expansive landscape- level studies, our group focuses on the intricate web of interactions that shape modern agricultural landscapes.

The core objective of our group is to unravel the intricate tapestry of relationships that govern the interplay between agricultural landscape metrics and vital ecosystem services, particularly those related to pest control, pollination services and carbon sequestration.

Agroecology research group is the only research team in Estonia that has high level expertise in biological pest control and pollination service in croplands and spatial agricultural landscape metrics connected with pests, pest control and pollination.

Team is led by Professor Eve Veromann.

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In the current project, the Agroecology research group is responsible for:

  • Providing crucial expertise and biodiversity data on agri-ecosystem level
  • Conducting biodiversity studies and carbon measurements in agricultural landscapes

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Ministry of Education and Research

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