Sustainable Forest Management Group

Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Land Use


The primary objective of the newly established Sustainable Forest Management Group at the University of Tartu is to significantly advance the understanding of forest biodiversity and ecosystem dynamics.

We aim to facilitate data-driven decision-making processes that promote the sustainable management of forest landscapes. The interlinked major research directions of the group include:

  • Biological feedback mechanisms in forest functions such as productivity and wood decomposition: it is currently poorly known what are the broader implications of these relationships in natural ecosystems.
  • Integrating the needs of human nature use and biodiversity conservation, notably for resolving the dilemmas between forest management intensity and habitat availability for poorly known and difficult to detect forest species, such as fungi.

Team is led by Research Fellow Kadri Runnel.

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In FutureScapes, Sustainable Forest Management Group is responsible for:

  • Providing crucial expertise and background data on forest structure and biodiversity.

  • Conducting multitaxon biodiversity studies and carbon measurements at a set of previously well-studied sites to analyze temporal dynamics.

  • Developing eDNA based sampling methods (notably aerial sampling) to assess landscape- scale biodiversity.

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